Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy 

We’re bombarded today with different fad diets, new ways of eating, food replacements and supplements. Let’s face it, there is a minefield of information out there which can feel overwhelming at times. 

While we know that if we ‘eat less and move more’ we will lose weight, we also know it’s not always that simple. Interestingly America has a new campaign, ‘maintain, don’t gain’. 

I have had an interesting relationship with food over the years, but the one constant has always been that when I am relaxed, happy and content, food is not an issue for me and I find it easier to choose healthy, sensible food options, which naturally lead me to feeling better….and consequently I seem to lose weight and feel less bloated.

Hypnotherapy sessions in person Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and online via Zoom

Weight Management Group Sessions

£15 per 1 hour session

Minimum of 4 people per course – maximum 12

In person & online available via Zoom

This programme of 4 sessions will help you to discover why you make unhelpful choices, and what you can do to positively change those choices, building new habits for the future that are sustainable, in a relaxed, fun, and non-judgemental atmosphere. You will also receive a FREE audio so you can go home and practice self-hypnosis to create lasting change.

Group 2 starts Monday 5th February 2024 at 9:15am to 10:15am

At Elizabeth Hall, Raven Road, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9HH

The science bit
Why we behave as we do and make choices that we know aren’t good for us.

How often have we said 'tomorrow is going to be different' only to find after a week or so, we have returned to our old habits and behaviours? This part of the session will help you to understand what is going on in the brain; the first step to enabling you to make the changes you want to make.

Small steps can lead to big changes 
You choose which steps are right for you.

We all know that being told what to do never works. But when we decide what we want to do, then we are far more inclined to follow through with our choices. Using a technique that allows for privacy (no one else will know your small step, unless you want to share it) each session, I will help you identify small steps that will help you work towards the change you want to make.

Time to work with the subconscious mind.


Each session will finish with a guided relaxation session. This will allow your brain to process your chosen small step, embedding it in your subconscious and enabling you to make those changes of behaviour more doable.

Will hypnotherapy work for me?

There is no magic wand when it comes to losing weight, but one thing is for sure, most of us need to change our relationship with food if we are going to be successful?

If you've never had hypnotherapy before, it is important to understand what it is, and what it isn’t. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a combination of solution focused talking therapy (psychotherapy) and hypnosis. Solution focused talking enables you to identify small steps, significant for you, that enable you to move forward in a positive way. It is enhanced by the application of hypnosis, aiding the subconscious mind to support positive change. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is not ‘done’ to you. It is a collaborative process that can achieve great results. Believing you can change is not so important as your desire and motivation to do so.

When it comes to weight management, it is helpful to understand why we continue to repeat unhelpful eating patterns.  Once you understand how our brains work, it becomes easier to start developing new positive habits which become a part of your life. Working together, I can help you identify simple steps that you can incorporate into your life. 

While we will not talk about calories (this is not a diet plan), there still needs to be a change of behaviour, and that change can be different for everyone. I’m sure you are aware of the phrase ‘If you always do, what you’ve always done, you’ll always get, what you’ve always got.’

Once you understand why fad diets don’t necessarily work long term, by changing patterns of behaviour, and recognising the impact that stress can have on us, we can start to lose the guilt and focus on sustainable long-term change. While losing weight won’t necessarily make you happy, if you are happy, you are more likely to lose weight.

Please note I am not a nutritionist, and therefore I do not give advice on what you should or should not eat. 

Hypnotherapy can help people make positive changes in their life and, as weight gain can be as a result of comfort eating, bad habits and an inappropriate relationship with food, this is where hypnotherapy can be really beneficial.

Sessions available ONLINE nationally and internationally. In person, serving Hook, Hartley Wintney, Basingstoke, Fleet, Farnborough, Winchester, Hampshire, Reading, Windsor, Bracknell, Berkshire, Camberley, Farnham, Cobham, Lightwater, Godalming, Guildford, Surrey.

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